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Referee license pathway

We believe that every player has the right to develop and compete in a fair, fun and safe environment under the oversight of a licensed referee. While in the Learning Center, you will have access to referee courses, resources and support.
The purpose of the GR first time referee course is to prepare first time Grassroots referees to work in a competitive or recreational youth and amateur adult matches.

The goal of the First Time Grassroot Referee course is to broaden a candidate’s understanding on how to:
  • Facilitate a fair, fun, and safe game for the players by enforcing and applying the Laws of the Game 
  • Make and clearly communicate decisions based on perception and interpretation of player’s actions 
  • Facilitate understanding and application the Laws of the Game for players and coaches  

On successful completion of the course, candidates will receive a Grassroots Referee license for the current registration year. Once the license and badge are received, Grassroots referees can officiate competitive, small-sided or recreational youth and amateur adult matches.  
The national eligibility standards for GR First Time Course are:
  • 13 years or older
Please be advised some states may have a different age limitation. Please reach out to your State Referee Committee if you have any questions.

First Time Grassroots Referees completing registration through the Learning Center must complete the following requirements. 
  • Introduction to Safe and Healthy Playing Environments – 1 hr.  
  • SafeSport (if 18 years or older)- 1 hr.  
  • Online Grassroots Referee Course Module – 4.5 hr.  
  • First Time Grassroots Referee Quiz –  45 mins.  
  • S. Soccer Federation Gold Standard NCSI Background Check (if 18 years or older)  
  • Additional State Assignments as required 
More information about the referee program can be found here:

TORSO Assignor

TORSO uses certified USSF assignors to assign referees to all matches. The TORSO assignor is Bill Van Der Vlist. You can contact him at

TORSO Referees

TORSO is an adult, co-ed, over 30 league that is USSF and USASA sanctioned,
TORSO is continuously working to bring the highest quality officiating to their teams. Our officials have many years of experience in competitive and select club soccer as well as high school and adult competitions. To assure a quality playing experience for our members, each TORSO match is assigned a 3-person referee team with only experienced referees assigned as the center.

USSF Affiliation
TORSO Soccer League is affiliated with USSF. TORSO referees abide by the current year’s Laws of the Game, Guide to Procedures, and associated memoranda as published by USSF.

Referee Certification
In order to be assigned to a TORSO matches, referees must be certified, possess, and wear the USSF referee badge for the current year. Per USSF rules, only referees with a Grade 7 or lower may be a referee. Grade 8 referees may work only as assistant referees.
To become certified or to recertify, please consult the South Texas Soccer Referee web site at the STSR Web site.

Match Assignments
Match assignments are made roughly one week in advance of each playing weekend depending on changes made to the schedule due to weather or field availability. The TORSO assignor will assign matches based on the level of competition and experience of the available referees. Per USSF guidelines, referee assignments are rotated. If you have recently upgraded or have experience that would be helpful in determining the level of matches that you are capable of officiating, please discuss this with the TORSO assignor.

Match Procedures
Referees that work TORSO league matches are strongly encouraged to read and understand the match procedures section on this web site. These match procedures will ensure that all administrative requirements are handled efficiently both before and after the match.

Referees are expected to maintain a professional appearance by wearing USSF approved uniforms including:
  • Shirt: Either front button down or v-neck collared vertical striped referee shirts in any of the USSF approved colors – gold, black, red, blue, green. Referees are encouraged to use gold as the default color and travel with at least one additional shirt color.
  • Shorts: Black referee shorts.
  • Socks: USSF (Official Sports) logoed referee socks.
  • Shoes: Black or dark colored shoes.

Referee Development
TORSO prides itself in its dedication to developing youth referees by assigning them to crews with experienced referees. Developing referees work closely with the referee to make sure that they have a positive experience while making fair and accurate calls.

TeamPass Match Assigning
TORSO uses TeamPass for game assignments. You must have a TeamPass account in order to be assigned. Contact Bill at for instructions on creating a TeamPass Account. 

TeamPass Payment System
TORSO uses the TeamPass payment system to pay officials via electronic funds transfer into a bank account. Once you have joined the TORSO TeamPass group, you will have the ability to create an account on that same site. Payments are typically made to referees within 7 days of the match completion.