TORSO Soccer

A Houston Soccer Tradition

TORSO (Thirty and Over Recreational Soccer Organization) was founded in the early 1980s to create a fun and competitive soccer experience for adult players 30 years of age and older. Our co-ed team structure provides a great opportunity for men and women to compete as individuals, couples, or a family.
TORSO has over 50 teams playing in 4 divisions. There are players with all levels of experience, from former pro players to beginners just learning the game. Looking to play at a competitive level with women and men? Prefer a relaxed group to just get some exercise? Want a team that’s social and fun on the field and off? Come join us! We play Sunday afternoons at parks all over Houston.
Our league is all about football, family, and friends – we play because we still love the game!

League Format

TORSO is a co-ed outdoor soccer league for ages 30 and over. 
TORSO has two leagues:
  • An 11v11 spring and a fall season. Each team plays 10 games per season. Spring is typically January to May, and the fall season is typically September to December.
    • We play 11vs11 on a full size field, each team plays 5 men and 5 women plus a goalie (male or female). TORSO has implemented exceptions to the laws of the game to make sure that while we do play soccer at a high level, player safety and health are of paramount importance, and our overarching goal is to keep the games competitive, fun, and amicable. TORSO promotes and relegate teams to ensure that divisions stay competitive.
    • Games are on Sundays, kickoff times are in the afternoon, usually from 1-5pm. 
  • An 8v8 summer season, which typically starts in June and ends in August.
    • Each team plays 4 men, 3 women, and a goalie.
    • Kickoff times are in the evening to avoid the heat of the day, games are a little shorter, and fields are smaller.

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