TORSO Soccer

What to bring to every game

Official Game Sheet 

Print it from the website. Instructions that are to your right.
Each Manager is required to bring a game sheet to every game and present it to the referee. If you do not bring a game sheet, your game will be forfeit in favor of the opponent. 
Verify your roster before you print it out. No write in players are allowed.

Player Cards

Must have a valid player card for each player on your team. As a last resort, government ID can be used to check the player in if you a player card is not available.
Any exceptions to this will be specifically stated by the TORSO Board, or TORSO Administratior before game day.

Pre-Match Check List

  • Check the schedule on the web site as the schedule may change.
  • Email or telephone the opposing team captain and confirm the field, time, and team colors.
  • If there is a conflict in colors, the home team must change.
  • Contact your team about the match time. Your team must appear at least 20 minutes before the match time to check in with the referee.
  • Print out a match report Saturday morning to assure the most current roster and match information is available. Any issues regarding the roster or players will not be fixed after 4pm, Saturday afternoon, before Game day.
  • Player jersey numbers must be recorded on the match report – if you have assigned jersey numbers to your players, record them on your roster – they will print on the game sheet and will save time.
  • Have your player cards available and in the same order as your printed game sheet.

Match Day Check List

  • If you are signed up with TEXTEDLY, you will get a text by 11am Sunday morning with field status
    • If the message states that a field is open as of 11:00am on game day, then your team must go to the field.
    • If you are not signed up with Rained Out, the message will also post to:
      • Facebook –
      • Twitter – @Torso_Soccer
    • The service may be updated sooner than 11:00am but 11:00am is the official posting time.
  • Please arrive at least 20 minutes before match time.
  • Present your player cards and match report to the referee.
  • If there is a uniform color conflict, the home team must change colors.
  • If a player is becoming agitated, be proactive and substitute the player at the next opportunity or move the player to another area of the pitch to avoid chances of conflict.
  • Only the team captain for that match should speak to the referee.
  • No comments should be directed at the assistant referees – address all issues with the referee.
  • We are guests at the fields and we encourage our families to come and watch our matches.
    • No profanity.
    • No litter – please pick up your trash.
    • Be respectful to any field official.
    • Be respectful to any peace officer.
    • If the field official or peace officer asks you to leave, please leave without comment or incident – please contact any TORSO board member about any episode or notable encounter with these officials.
    • Read and follow the rules of each field venue.
  • Check the match results with the referee on match report and initial the report.
  • Take a photo of the match report with all cards. injuries and score noted so you have a record of the report for your files.
  • Be sure you or the referee records notable injuries on the match report.

Need help?

Please include your Name, your Team Name, and specific details about your reason for inquiry.